Family Resource Centers (FRC)



Family Resource Centers (FRCs) embody a rich history built on the experience of the Settlement Houses of the late 1800s that provided support to immigrants in the form of acculturation, skill building, and social advocacy as part of assisting them to understand and adapt to American culture.  Today’s FRCs aim to offer the same type of community and skill building for the families they serve.  The network of First 5 FRCs target families with children prenatal through five years old to promote family resilience through the reduction of child maltreatment and trauma.  This is achieved by bolstering parent-child relationships and supporting parental understanding of their role as a child’s first teacher and advocate.

 The First 5 FRCs are owned and operated by the Commission with the intention to create and/or collocate prevention-focused and family-centered services

designed to promote family resilience and reduce children maltreatment (including trauma). This decision was made early on to ensure the FRCs remained a centralized convener of multiple agencies and programs. The philosophies of the First 5 FRCs were crafted and refined over time to maximize impact on the following: Parent-Child Relationships, Prevention-Focused Family Supports, and Collocation of Services.

 The Commission currently owns and operates a First 5 Family Resource Center in Madera, Chowchilla and an FRC on Wheels to serve children and families throughout Madera County.

At the First 5 FRCs, you will find:

  • Weekly fun and educational activities for children ages 0-5 years old
  • Special family events
  • Parent and caregiver seminars
  • Twelve (12) weeks pre-school sessions (Pre-Kindergarten University-PKU)
  • Car seat safety checks
  • Car seat safety training
  • Case management
  • Resource and Referrals to family support resources
  • Developmental screenings (ASQ) for children ages 0-5 years old
  • Free New Parent Kits
  • Volunteer opportunities for parents, caregivers, and the community to assist with programming and special events
  • Other community services for families and children


“Being a first time mom, I needed all the information I can get about caring for my baby. The Baby Shower event provided just that.”
Anonymous FRC Parent